Control Your Home Using Your Smartphone: Best Apps and Products

Nowadays, everything is about apps! You have apps for your to-do list; you have an app for paying your bank; even an app for booking your flights or meeting new people!

Thanks to tons of awesome developers out there, you can now control a lot of things out there using a simple app. You can even control a ton of things inside your home using only your Android or iPhone. Sounds too good to be true? Not exactly.

Best Apps and Products for Controlling Your Home


This neat little app works like a universal control for your light and wall switches, thermostats as well as outlets. There’s an easy to follow screen wizard once you set it up. You can control a variety of things using your Android tablet or smartphone which makes it especially convenient if you are away on vacation or taking a mini-break.

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2. Philips Hue

There are plenty of smart appliances and products in the market today that make it easier to control your home devices with just your phone. One of these devices is the Phillips Hue. Crafted as a clever lighting system, it’s possible to dim, brighten and even change the color of the bulbs with a simple command from any iOS device.

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3. Home Control Mobile App

The Home Control Mobile App from Verizon is a special device that allows you to hook up your phone and other smart devices and control a variety of home appliances. A few tasks that you can use this app for once you have everything in your home set up includes managing the camera. You can easily access live streams or snapshots depending on your preference. It’s also possible to view notification logs, emails or text messages depending on which device you’ve set up for notification. Devices like lamps, switches, door locks and more can be remotely activated.

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4. Nest


If there’s one app-controlled device that revolutionized the market, it’s this one. Nest is a special device that easily controls your home temperature. It works great with any iOS device and there’s really no surprise there. It was designed by “former Senior Vice President of the iPod division at Apple,” Tony Fadell. Nest is fairly easy to use and once you have it set up inside your home, it works just like any regular thermostat.

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Who knew a simple app can be so useful, right? There are still a ton of cool stuff out there that simply make our home lives easier.

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