The Weirdest Phone Apps You Probably (Don’t) Need

Well, hello there! Hope you’re doing all dandy today. I was fiddling through my phone the other day and realized; I’ve downloaded quite a bit of useful and not-so-useful apps. It got me thinking if there were any just downright weird apps out there. Guess what? I’ve found quite plenty!

Let’s take a trip down this zany street and check out which apps (you can choose to download it or not) are available for you.

Drunk Dial No!

We’ve all been there. It’s a Friday and you’re out with friends looking all smoldering sexy while casually throwing back one, two-who-knows-how-many cocktail hits. And while you’re all buzzed in the corner or at the comfort of your home (which you somehow miraculously managed to find) you whip out your phone and start drunk dialing your exes or friends or people you don’t like to give them the wisdom you have culled from drinking gin and tonic or vodka like water.

Drunk Dial No is also for those who like to make booty calls. It will help you choose which names on your contact list you can prevent yourself from calling during your not-so-sober moments.

It’s a fun app and I can imagine if you’re the type who wakes up the next day asking your friends, “Dude, where’s my car?”  then yes, you need this one…badly.

Poo Log

Yes, it does EXACTLY what its name suggests. The Poo Log is made for those anal types (pun intended) who like to follow trends and reading graphs. Now, they can easily follow the days and times they’ve done the do.

I don’t know about you but you might want to keep this app hidden if in case you download it.

Toothbrush Fitness

Think you can just neglect your teeth? Think again! Dentists were right; you need to brush your teeth everyday. With the Toothbrush Fitness app, you can carry around a constant reminder with you.

The app contains amazing insight about teeth and um, shows you a video on how to brush properly. We’ve all got to learn at some point.

Pimple Popper

Remember back in highschool when you had a pizza face? Those nasty red buggers just kept showing up like mushrooms after the rain. Well, if for some reason you’d like to get even at those tiny zits, here’s your chance to pop them up and pop them good!

Pimple Popper promises and “ooooey goooey good time.” Try it out and take revenge on those icky fellas.

Warning: This might be the grossest thing since pink slime on a McNugget but this is quite addictive too.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Amazing Girlfriend Manager

Making a boyfriend’s life one day at a time. This little app ensures you remember your girlfriend’s birthday, favorite color, anniversary, monthsary and more!        

Yes, with a little help from the Amazing Girlfriend app, you can now remember all the vital details you need to know.  It’s even helpful for jotting down the gifts you’ve given her. She’ll shower you with kisses and maybe stop giving you the silent treatment for forgetting her name. Yeah, maybe.

There are tons of really weird apps out there. It makes you wonder what’s up with humanity’ s sanity, these days.  

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Cam :)