Welcome to The Dairy

Art Without Walls

Welcome to a new destination for artists and art enthusiasts alike. For those who create, and those who seek the beauty of original creations.

Wondering about our name? There's no epic tale — just a sunny day, a brainstorm, and a name that stuck. While our name's story isn't grand, our passion for art is. Art keeps us curious. It connects ideas, expresses emotion, and plays with perspective. It brings us together to create unique moments born from universal experiences.

At The Dairy, we believe there’s nothing quite like the joy of experiencing art in a way that feels authentic to you. And while we know that not everyone has access to galleries and exhibitions each day – the act of enjoying art in a non-traditional way still has the impact to inspire your everyday.

That’s why we work closely with artists from across the globe to transform their creativity into works purposefully created for you and your life. From your phone to your laptop case and beyond – The Dairy delivers custom art for your tech accessories, allowing you to celebrate and enjoy works from your favourite global creators no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Art is meant to live beyond the confines of four white walls. Now it can.

Our Mission

To inspire individuality, expression and creativity and show that art shouldn't just be confined to gallery walls.


As part of our constant evolution and pursuit of quality, we remain constantly focused on any impacts our actions might have both environmentally and socially.

The Dairy and our supply chain partners are committed to meeting and constantly improving on the highest standards of product development, manufacturing and delivery.

Our phone cases & tech accessories are made to order to help reduce any unnecessary waste by creating each order only when you purchase. With production in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy we not only get your art for your everyday to you faster but we also reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly looking to improve these processes and our materials as technologies advance.

A (Phone) Case For The Planet

Curious about our behind-the-scenes magic? Discover how each case and accessory is crafted to order just for you.