Top 5 New Accessories for your iPhone 6

Want to jazz up your iPhone 6? Fairly new in the market and there's already a bevy of cool accessories designed to make your iPhone better and more awesome that it is. 

Of course, we only wanted the cream of the crop so we've compiled our top 5 favourite iPhone 6 accessories. Tell us what you think and which ones are your favourite!


Yes, we've all heard about the new iPhone 6 camera. It's fantastic as it is but occasionally, you need a helping hand. The OlloClip can do that. This device is great for those who love to snap photos wherever they go. First made for the iPhone 5, it's coming to the iPhone 6. This slide-on lens features a 4-in-1 function that lets you have 10x plus 15x macro zoom. It'll even let you take wide angle and fisheye photos. For those who want to take better photos using just their phones then get your hands on this one. 


Your iPhone 6 can now work as a fully capable smart home security system. Together with the SmartThings Smart Home Starter Kit, you get a chance to monitor whoever sets foot inside our outside your house. It will send a notification on your device to let you know that someone's around. Make sure to be alerted for break-ins or floods and one of the sensors included in the kit will even help you keep track of your keys! Neat little device to have if you want to secure your home and make sure everything's safe and sound. The best part is that it's quite affordable and easy to set up.

Supcase iPhone 6 Case and Armband

Gym nuts and runners will love this one! The case attaches to a separate armband whenever you need to hit spin class or run. It's portable, easy to use and less than $20! That's a steal if you ask me.


To tell you the truth, I love the idea of this one. The Nova is essentially an external flash with diffuser that lets you take better photos using just your iPhone. It's small, just a little thicker than your credit card and comes with 40 low light powerful LED's. There are four presets to choose from: neutral, warm, gentle and bright. And there's even a manual option to set the brightness and colour tones as well. This gives users a lot of freedom when taking photos.

The Dairy iPhone 6 - CREATE A CASE

Call me biased here but we're not about to create this list without recommending our own set of awesome gear. Because we know you love your iPhone 6 a lot, we're giving you a chance to fully customise your iPhone 6 case by using our CREATE section! Just pick your favourite image, upload and find the placement, hit 'add to cart' and voila! You should have your pretty iPhone 6 case soon! Our cases are tough and will protect your gadget from bumps and scratches while making it look fashionable and trendy. And if you don't like to customise, you can choose from hundreds of existing designs at the gallery.

Have fun!

Cam :)