5 Must Have iPhone Accessories for 2014

You may not admit it in public, but you probably treat your iPhone like a baby. You coddle it, take good care of it, so naturally, you want to buy stuff for it. 

Grabbing iPhone accessories to some is a waste of money, but truth be told, you can find neat stuff for your phone; stuff you didn’t even think were available.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you 5 cool, quirky and useful pieces of iPhone accessories you’d want to get your hands on. So, let the countdown begin!

1. Typo 2
Okay, this one goes out to all Blackberry lovers out there. Those who just couldn’t let go of that comfortable Qwerty keyboard. This one is released by Typo Products and funded by Mr. American Idol, Ryan Seacrest. (I guess he loves his Blackberry this much.) Anyway, it’s a case that lets you slip your iPhone 5/5s inside and voila, instant keyboard! The updated version features a backlit keyboard, battery indicator as well as lock.

2. iFazz 50x Super Long Range Telephoto Lens
Ever wanted to transform your device into a powerful camera? Now, you can! The iFazz 50x Super Long Range Telephoto lens is no joke. This fixed lens allows you to micro adjust the focus until you get your subject in perfect view. You don’t get any zoom option with this one but it can happily snap up images of birds flying in the sky if you’re into that. Like a pro, you get an adjustable tripod that turns 360 degrees. It even looks stunning! 

3. Logitech Powershell Connector and Battery
This one’s for all the iPhone gamers out there. Transform your simple device into one comfortable gaming machine ala PSP with this cool controller. You can pop your iPhone 5/5s or iPod 5th generation inside this and start playing. There’s a list of games you can easily play with this one and it comes with a 1500 mAH battery too. 

4. Stanmore Speaker
Long live rock and roll! Vintage rockers will have something to wax nostalgic about once they see the Stanmore speaker. Built to model vintage Marshall Amps, it comes complete with knobs you can twist and turn for controls and a cool Bluetooth option for hooking up your device. You can also plug a 3.5mm input and RCA input on here as well.

5. The Dairy – (Custom iPhone Case) 
Hey, we weren’t about to forget ourselves here. We are proud to give you a chance to customise, personalise and beautify your iPhone any way you want!

Are you an animal lover? We have an entire range for you. Do you love art? There’s an entire section dedicated to cool traditional artists as well as modern ones. The crème de la crème however? You can customise your phone case and add your most treasured image or print! Click on the CREATE A CASE section of our site and you get simple, step-by-step instructions to create your case. Total must have! If not for yourself, then share it as a gift to an equally iPhone/Samsung loving folk, they’ll love it!

Cam :)