Here We Go Again... A Brand New and Cheaper, iPhone 5S?

Most of us haven’t even recovered from the barrage of iPhone products that came out a year or two ago and now here’s another one that’s threatening to empty our pockets. The iPhone 5S is supposedly *gasp!* a CHEAPER version of the current Apple iPhone. I understand if you’re skeptical, the word “cheap” doesn’t exactly tie in with the whole “Apple thing” but this is what they’re promising.

What should we expect from the phone, you ask? Up to now, everything’s just speculation but there are a few key items that Apple insiders are pointing to once the iPhone 5S hits the market.

First, it’s said to feature a convex home button. Gone are the days when you try to fish out your iPhone/iPod home button. The main reason they’re finally redesigning this spot is so that they can place a fingerprint sensor in there.  (This could be awesome if the company manages to pull it off right.)

Of course, having a home button that juts out means it can easily be damaged. Experts are pitching in that the company is looking to use Sapphire glass to prevent the screen of the Home button from being scratched.

Software-wise, there’s a huge possibility the iPhone 5S will carry the iOS 7 software which came out last June; but to what capacity, we still don’t know. (I sound so knowledgeable here but your guess is as good as mine.)

Whatever they use, hopefully it’ll come out banging. By the way, did I mention that they’re planning on having a new Ipad Mini version soon as well? Thinner and lighter, is what I hear.

Yes, Apple is at it again so fanboys and fangirls better get ready. It’s going to be a rough ride for your wallet if you’re looking forward to these awesome products.

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