Love Smiles Clickit

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Add some flair to your phone with the 'Love Smiles' Clickit phone stand holder. Match it with a corresponding 'Love Smiles' phone case or attach it to a solid colour phone case in pink, yellow, or black for a pop of pattern. Our Clickit stick-on collapsible grip, phone holder & stand will keep your phone secure while offering one-handed texting, improved photos, and no more drops. It also doubles as a stand in both portrait and landscape modes.

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We designed the Clickit phone stand & holder to work with our Gloss and Matte phone cases. We don't recommend using this stand on a textured surface.

If you're using a Clickit then wireless charging won't work and you'll need to remove the case.

The Clickit is designed to be able to be removed and added back on, should you wish to permanently adhere it to your case so it does not move at all, we recommend using a permanent adhesive (such as super glue) vs the adhesive we have on the back. Please note all Clickits come with an additional red adhesive for those who want a more secure adhesive.

Click here for instructions on how to apply the Clickit to your phone.

Please note there is now an additional sticker (separate to the Clickit) that we have added should you want a more secure hold.

Have questions? Send us a message and we'll gladly help:

Yes, you can create your own Custom Clickit in a few easy steps.