Down and dirty with the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. What's all the fuss about?

The time has finally come, ladieus and gentlemen. Better make sure that all your hands are on deck for the release of *cue-great-reveal-band-music* the new Apple iPhones!

Yes, they have landed and every Apple geeky fanboy and fangirl is buzzing over these new iPhones. The Apple iPhone 5S and 5C are the latest addition to the iPhone clan and so far, they seem to fit along just fine. I like to think of them as the suburban iPhones compared to their well-off “I-live-on-a-New-York-City-penthouse-relative.”

So, what features can we expect from these two new hotshots?  Here’s a quick glance at what they have to offer.

Introducing the iPhone 5S

This is considered as the predecessor to the iPhone 5 (which by the way, has already been discontinued.) It contains several performance upgrades including a faster processor, which Apple seems to be really proud of. Apple’s new A7 smart chip is said to be twice as fast as the one the iPhone 5 carried. Battery life (which was a big concern for the previous handset) is considered “the same or better” and the “camera has 15% more active sensor space, white balance and auto-focus.”

The real kicker though is that the 5S contains a fingerprint scanner for added protection. The owner’s fingerprint can serve as a password of sorts. Do you think that’s cool? I think it is.

Watch Apple's iPhone 5S product demonstration video here

iPhone 5S Quick Specs:

    • Fingerprint scanner
    • A7 Processor
    • M7 Processor for motion
    • Better camera (bigger aperture and dual LED flashes)
    • Available Colors: Gold, Silver, and Space Gray
    • 16GB & 32 GB
    • Available: September 20th

Now for the all new iPhone 5C

THIS, my friends, is the more pocket-friendly iPhone of the two. Since it is cheaper, it doesn’t have as many fancy-schmancy hardware features integrated but it does look AMAZING. It comes with rounded corners and a smooth hard plastic shell instead of the metal jacket we are so used to seeing. Don’t fret though; Apple swears that they only used high-end polycarbonate so you won’t feel bad shelling out money for a piece of plastic covered phone.

It comes in 5 colors and a 4-inch retina screen. Inside, it uses the A6 chip just like in the iPhone 5 and the battery life is just a tad better than its predecessor.

iPhone 5C Quick Specs:

    • A6 Processor
    • 4-inch Retina screen display
    • Front and back facing cameras
    • Apple iOS 7 operating system
    • Available Colors: white, pink, yellow, blue and green
    • 16GB & 32GB 
    • Available on: September 20th

There you go! Apple has definitely set tongues wagging with these two new devices and pretty soon, they’ll be creating a buzz again with the release of the Apple iOS 7 upgrade due to come out on September 18th. But that’s another story….

For the meantime, drool on these two brand new gents. There are still plenty of things to learn about them but I guess we won’t find out more until they come out in the market on the 20th.

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Cam :)