Apple Plans Massive End of the Year with New Gadgets to Go Gaga Over

It’s confirmed the iPhone 6 will be revealed on September 9th! The rumours are still rife that you can almost taste it. The recently leaked images of the supposed retail-ready iPhone 6 in its packaging glory has only injected more adrenaline into the already buzzing air. 

However, it’s not just the smartphone that’s generating buzz. In fact, there are a couple of other Apple products that are equally getting Apple fanboys and girls all fired up. Let’s check them out.

What We (Think) We Know About the iPhone 6
Starting with the obvious, this latest version is said to debut on September 9 (approximately 3-4 weeks from now!) and will feature two sizes. One is a big phablet –sized 5.5 inch and the other a more modest 4.7 inch device. It’s also said to feature a faster Wi-Fi chip, an astounding A8 processor and a better Touch ID fingerprint sensor. There’s tons more but with the September 9 (supposed release date) coming up, we won’t have to wait for too long to find out.

Macbook Air Retina in 12- inch
Macbook Air lovers and those who adore the Retina screen will have a new toy to play with. The 12-inch Air will likely coincide with the release of the new Mac OS X Yosemite. Apart from that, these brand new Retina Air’s are designed much lighter than their current version and will feature the expensive and insanely clear Retina display. Possible release date is late this year (2014) but it’s likely it will be pushed back early 2015 due to problems with Intel chip shortages according to an Apple insider. Whatever the case may be, we’re looking forward to this one as well.

iWatch..Is it Really Coming?
This one requires a big crossing of the fingers. Although people are keen in seeing Apple’s take on the device, it’s almost all speculation on this one. Some of the uses it will supposedly have include monitoring the wearer’s sweat along with several other sensors to keep track of various fitness routines and levels. It’s said to come out in October and will be working with the HealthKit app in the iOS8. If it really is coming, we hope it will be as awesome as the rumours swirling around it. Don’t you agree?

So, which device will you be lining up to get? Do share below.

Cam :)