The one and only.... Lauren Carney.

What is it with the waters off Brisbane that doles out such talented dudes and babes? Maybe there’s some magical tap water we don’t know about or maybe it has something to do with that enormous amount of sunshine? Whatever it is, we love it!

A product of amazing Brisbane is talented quirky, cute, pocket-sized artist, Lauren Carney. If you love Disney Princesses then don’t dare miss our collab with her. We got her to decorate our phone cases with 14 of Disney’s princesses; all dolled and done up the Lauren Carney way.

In between running and ogling at her work, we got her to chat with us and share her thoughts about art and how she got started.

Join us!

Let’s take a step inside Lauren’s ‘Carney-val’.

What got you into art?
I loved doing drawings at an early age, and always wanted to draw for a living. I would sit there and make comics, write stories, draw my favourite disney characters as a kid, and now I’m an adult, I still do the same thing. I was never really great at anything else, and figured if I was born with this lot of skills, I should make a thing of it.

What was your first piece of paid work?
It was a wedding invite for a really nice couple. It was a $75 job, and I worked on it for like 15 hours because I was just so excited someone liked my drawings enough they wanted to pay me for it.

Describe your art style in three words.
Whimsical, surreal, child-like

Do you have favourite colours or themes you like to work with?
I go through phases. It used to be mint & coral. But now It’s kind of mauve, coral & pink.

What's the coolest place you've seen your work?
I did a piece for Brisbane Writers Festival, and saw enormous snaps of my artwork on billboards and the Brisbane Museum. It was epic.

Do you have any favourite pieces from your collaboration with The Dairy? If so, why?
I did a ‘Princess Collection’ with the Dairy, and it’s hard to pick. I’ve seen a few cases in the flesh, But would have to say Pocohontas, Snow White & Alice are my top 3. The colours just pop.

Can you tell us a bit about your first collection with the Dairy, and where the inspiration for it came from?
I just came off a really busy period, and just wanted to do drawings for myself, but my brain was so fried it had to be something with a tighter brief. I figured nothing would make me happier drawing the cartoons I was watching at the time. I think every girl has their favourite Princess, and figured nothing would be nicer then collaborating with TD and giving pretty girls pretty phone cases.

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