Meet the Artist – Audrey Leighton

Audrey originally started her online journey over a decade ago, compiling a visual diary of her daily endeavours and outfits while studying in England. After graduating her focus turned to blogging as a profession and made the move to dreamy Paris. Four years into her career her platform grew and showcases her entire life — the clothes she loves, places she discovers and the projects, brands, people and ideas that inspire her. 

Now based in sunny Barcelona, Spain she still travels between the two cities as a photographer and content creator. Her work has expanded and has now developed a voice not just as photographer but also as a writer.

Her story telling is what drew us to Audrey, and her aim to live life artfully inspires us on a daily basis. 

Check out more of Audrey's incredible photography at or via her Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration. 

We're proud to have talented Audrey part of our artist community. Below you'll see an exclusive range of phone cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel. 

The hardest decision now is deciding which is your fav....?