Why You Should Get Apple’s New AirPods Pro

Apple loves surprises and so do we! No one expected they would unleash an early holiday present to every music and sound lover out there. But they did, and now, we have the brand-spankin' new, AirPods Pro! 

What Makes The AirPods Pro Different?

With so little changes between the recent iPhone generations, it’s no surprise many are skeptical these new in-ear earphones would be any different. But you know what, Apple actually delivers a great product worth getting excited about with the AirPods Pro.

From the design, functionality, portability and usage power, Apple completely transformed the AirPods into something you won’t mind spending money on.

All The Good Things

Active Noise Cancellation
Yup, you heard that right. The AirPods Pro now comes with, “Active Noise Cancellation” technology. By adding two microphones, one facing outward and one inward, the earphones adapt to each ear and will customize your sound experience. Together with the microphones is a sophisticated software that automatically analyzes the sound around you and takes care of the noise.

Apple had added this technology with their on-ear Beats headphones before, but this is the first it’s showing up in the AirPods.

Transparency Mode
Hand in hand with Active Noise Cancellation is Transparency Mode. If you’re worried about canceling all the noise around you, the AirPods Pro actually lets you go on Transparency Mode so you can tone down the noise cancellation and listen for traffic, train announcements, conversations, etc., all while listening to your podcast or music.

Sleeker Design
Hate the fact the original AirPods have such a long stem? The new ones now carry a shorter stem. They also include three flexible silicone tips to fit your ear better. The silicone tips come in small, medium and large and clicks into place with ease.

The new AirPods measures 21.8 mm wide and 30.9 mm tall. There’s also an “innovative vent system” built into the AirPods to equalize the pressure in the ear and minimize the discomfort of having to wear it for longer periods. Plus, there’s an expanded mesh microphone port so you can still hear everything even during windy days.

Water and Sweat Resistant
Love to exercise with music on? The AirPods Pro lets you sweat all you want without causing any damage at all. It features an IPX4 resistance rating so it can hold up against light rain or splashing water in any direction. It’s still ideal you don’t swim with them or submerge them in water deliberately though, since Apple still doesn’t cover sweat or water damage in the warranty. 

Amazing and Improved Sound Quality
Apple says you not only get a great looking earphone, you also get better quality sound compared to regular AirPods. They credit the earphones built-in speaker technology and it’s Adaptive EQ functionality to do this. To produce crisp and clear sound, the inside comes with a high dynamic amplifier and low distortion speaker driver. Rich bass with detailed mid to high-frequency audio is what you can expect.

Unique Force Sensor
One thing different from the AirPods Pro is it has a force sensor built into the stem of the device. It works like a regular push/play button except there’s no physical button to press. The force sensor works by pushing the stem area of the AirPods.

You can:

• Press once to pause/play music
• Press twice to skip a song 
• Press three times to go back to a track 
• Press once to answer a call 
• Press and hold to switch between Transparency Mode and Noise Cancellation Mode 

The Lowdown:

AirPods Pro
Price: $249 USD
Comes with customisable fit 
Adaptive EQ technology  
Active Noise Cancellation 
Always on “Hey Siri” mode 
Sweat and Water Resistant 
4.5 Hours Listening Time with One Charge (if Active Noise Cancellation is On) 
Wireless Charging Case 
H1 Chip  

AirPods (with Wireless Charging Case)
Price: $199 USD
Comes with universal fit 
H1 Chip 
Always on “Hey Siri” mode 
5 Hours Listening Time with One Charge 
Wireless Charging Case 

Ready to experience a new way of listening? The AirPods Pro might be what you’re waiting for!

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