Top 5 Reasons You'll Want to Update to the New iPhone 11 Pro

It’s September! And Tim and the Apple crew just dropped their latest iPhones onto our waiting laps. So how many iPhones are we getting this year? Three! 

Get ready to meet the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max and figure out which one’s perfect for you! 

Which is Which - A Quick Primer

iPhone 11 

Successor to the cheaper yet popular iPhone XR of 2018, the iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch screen and a glass and aluminum chassis. Like the XR, it has a Liquid Retina display with 326 ppi. Apple’s bumped up the water-resistance to IP68 so accidentally dunking your phone in the pool or water won’t mean it’s a goner – just grab it before 30 minutes and make sure it’s no deeper than 2 meters. The 11 also got a dual camera upgrade. It’s still 12 MP but you now get Ultra-Wide and Wide cameras for that all-inclusive shot of your dreams. 

iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro Max 

These two models are amped up a tad, not just in size but also in specs. Both smartphones get a new “Super Retina XDR display” – meaning you get better colors and deeper blacks. What separates these two from the iPhone 11 is Apple’s new triple camera system. Both the 11 Pro and Pro Max smartphones get 12 MP of Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras. That’s three cameras in one phone! No more standing back dozens of feet just to get everybody in the shot!

There’s still minor things that set these three apart but we’ll stop there. Because I’m sure you’re wondering, which iPhone should you get by now? 

All three iPhones are upgrades from former models so regardless of which one you end up with, you will get a “better” phone than an older model. But we do have a favorite. We’re singling out the iPhone 11 PRO as the best choice. 

Why Choose the iPhone 11 Pro? 

1. The Triple Camera System 

Yes, we love the range of colours the 11 is flashing our way, but the iPhone 11 Pro has the triple camera system (and cheaper than the Pro Max) that could be a game changer for any aspiring creator, or someone who just loves to take photos or videos using their iPhone. 

If you’re fine with ordinary shots, don’t upgrade because Apple’s promised their new camera system will deliver only stunning ones. The 12 MP cameras shoot super wide angle (13mm) through super close up (52mm). It also shoots at 4k extended dynamic range (EDR) using both the front and back cameras, mind you. And like an icing on the cake, it now comes with video stabilization. No more shaky cam so you can drink all the coffee you want! 

2. Longer Battery Life 

Aah, the dreaded battery. It feels like we’ve been talking about this since 2016 but Apple promises the iPhone 11 PRO is delivering better battery life (4 more hours) compared to last year’s model, the iPhone XS. With a more efficient A13 processor – they also promise you can make it through the day without hunting down a wall socket. 

3. Textured Matte Glass and Stainless Steel 

We are suckers for good design here, and you know what, Apple hasn’t let us down. The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max both come with textured matt glass and stainless steel build. It looks chic, solid and oh so, elegant! It would look even better with The Dairy phone cases on, of course, but hey, nice to know it looks good as is too, right? 

4. The Best-Looking Screens for Your Money 

Most of us might not even notice this difference but if you’re the geeky type and found yourself complaining about washed out colors or blacks, the 11 PRO has you covered. Apple is packing the two bigger phones with Super Retina XDR displays at 458 ppi. Same ones they’re using for their upcoming Pro Display (coming this fall!) 

5. Midnight Green is Kinda Sexy 

Sure, this is purely for aesthetics, but we’re getting an additional color for the Pro models. Aside from the usual Rose Gold, White and Space Gray, we’re getting a “Midnight Green.” And while the photos don’t give it justice, we do think it looks stunning. But if you prefer personalizing your iPhone 11 Pro like we do here, you can always grab a matching iPhone case from The Dairy. 

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