Top 5 iPhone Accessories for 2020

September might be a long way off but we can’t help it if we’re excited about the upcoming iPhone 12!

Now, we know the Coronavirus has drastically changed our lives for now but hopefully, it won’t stop us from getting excited about all the cool new accessories we can enjoy with our iPhones and other devices.  

Here at The Dairy, we picked out 5 awesome new accessories ready to use with your favourite iOS or even Android device.  

1. Moshi

Love anything minimalistic? Accessory maker, Moshi just released several Apple-focused accessories at CES 2020. This Scandinavian brand is all about chic, minimalist style and their products echo that. 

For battery packs, there’s the Moshi IonGo 5K Duo, a compact battery pack with USB-C and lighting cables wrapped in vegan leather. You can easily charge any iOS or USB-C device with this one. 

We also love Moshi’s SnapTo Wireless Charger. This one comes with a magnetic mounting system, letting you charge wirelessly while also serving as a wall mount for your iPhone. It offers fast-charging of up to 10 watts and would make a great companion by your bedside. 

2. Pitaka Air Omni 

If you need to power up several devices at once, you’ve just found your partner with the Pitaka Air Omni. This cool stand features a quick charging USB-C and Lightning connector. There’s a 5 Watt Qi charging coil you can use for AirPods or an Apple Watch. The back portion can also support your iPad. Not only do you get an all-in-one charging station, there’s even a tiny drawer perfect for storing tiny items like rings, earrings, or SIM cards. 

3. Scosche

For the best smartphone car holder, look no further than the Scosche. The brand new Fresche MagicMount line lets you choose between different models, giving you standard as well as Qi wireless designs. 

What you get with the MagicMount is a fully rotatable arm so you can position your iPhone away from the vent or blocking the airflow. The mount is circular with holes built it so there’s great air movement. Even better, the FreeFlow open design comes with a replaceable air freshener so you can keep your car smelling good at all time. 

Aside from the MagicMount, there’s also the Extendo Phone Mount. This one comes with an extendable arm which you can fix on your windshield, dashboard or even in your home. The arm extends to 5-8 inches and features a head that can rotate up to 360 degrees. There’s a variant that includes Qi-wireless charging on the mount itself. 

4. Mophie

The Mophie isn’t your ordinary universal battery charger. In fact, this little device is so powerful, it can even jump-start any full-size vehicle or SUV using its mini jumper cables! 

Perfect for both Android and iOS devices, it comes with a dual 2.4A USB-A Port. The entire top surface offers wireless charging of up to 5w to any Qi-enabled device you have. If you need to power any other device, there’s even a 115V AC output you can use for charging. 

The great thing with the Mophie Powerstation Go is that despite its HUGE battery capacity, it is small and lightweight in size. Stuff it into your bag or in your glove compartment for handy emergencies. Speaking of emergencies, did we mention it also has an LED flashlight? Because it totally does. 

The Mophie runs for about $159.95 and comes in a variety of colours. Just take your pick!

5. The Dairy iPhone Case

It won’t be fair if we don’t flex our own case on this list. Here at The Dairy, we’ve been steadily adding amazing new designs to accommodate whatever you fancy. 

We work with amazing illustrators, designers, and artists around the globe to design our cases. If you prefer to personalise your own, we’ve even got you covered! Use our CREATE option to design your own iPhone case. We also have cases for any Samsung or any Android smartphone.

Head over to our Popular section to check out some of our best-selling phone case designs.