Top 10 Best Quote Inspired Cases for your Phone

Need inspiration or a kick in the butt to take action? Fret not! Now you can carry your own bite-sized inspiration wherever you go – right on your precious iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone case! We’ve compiled ten of our best quotes for a truly personalised phone case. We’re sure you’ll find one to fit your every mood and style. 

1. Yeah Nah
Sometimes, saying “Nah” is the best way to go. But if you need a little nudge, this charming quote phone case designed by the lovely Jasmine Dowling is what you need! Grab it in red hot text or in mono. 

2. Don’t Pick Up
To Instagram or NOT to Instagram? That is a question you probably ask yourself every 30 seconds. But with this Don’t Pick Up case, you get a gentle nudge back to what’s important whenever the social media itch calls. 

3. Collect Moments
Simple yet so profound! While we do love our shiny new things, it’s good to remember moments are more important. Especially true when you’re spending these moments with people you love. 

4. Dream Big
Created for the dreamer, the motivated entrepreneur, the determined student, the social media creator, Dream Big by Aikonik, will get you moving and creating! 

5. Free and Alive
Need a breather? Feed your soul with this inspiring quote from Cass Deller. Made for the special human, that is, you! Set your soul on fire and get to living. 

6. Love Rainbow
When tough times come, it’s good to remember you need some lovin’ too! Never forget this by keeping this Love Rainbow phone case on your iPhone. 

7. Salty
Our Salty iPhone cases are what you need for a quirky yet sleek case to keep your new phone safe and sound. We guarantee, it’ll fit your phone like a glove. 

8. Bonjour Madame
Brush up on your French. Our Bonjour, Madame case is crisp, sexy and ready to attract all the compliments. Flaunt and impress folks with just a wave of your phone. 

9. More Beach Please
Who doesn’t want more beach? Because we won’t say no to one! Protect your latest iPhone 11 Pro while feeling the cool sand between your toes. This is one of our cutest cases, make sure not to miss it! 

10. Sorry I Am Busy
Say no promptly, politely and in style, with the “Sorry I Am Busy” case. Choose from an Armour or Snap variety and take back your time like a true boss! 

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You can find more designs by heading over to our Quotes Collection. Whether it’s a Samsung, Pixel or the latest iPhone 11 you’ve got, The Dairy has you covered!