Snap or Armoured. Which Case is Best For Your New iPhone 11

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It’s new iPhone time of the year! And with new iPhones, comes choosing your new favorite The Dairy cases. We’ve got a whole set of designs, perfect for your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max. 

We’ve added new designs and cases so just go through our Collections and you’ll find tons of options to fit your style. But before choosing your design, there’s one thing to decide on first – should you go for a Snap or Armoured case

To help you decide, we’ve gathered a set of benefits for you to consider.  


At war with bulky phone cases? Our Snap iPhone cases are made with a slim profile so you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Smooth, silky, impact resistant Polycarbonate protect your phone from sudden drops or even slight bumps here and there. We’ve also added a glossy finish so whatever design you choose gets a lovely luscious sheen that lets the design pop from your fingertips.

Snap cases are also lightweight, and with the new iPhone 11 trio being a tad heavier compared to last year’s, you don’t want a bulky case to weigh you down. Each case also has clear open ports for excellent access to connectivity. 

Is Snap for you?

Ask yourself, how many times have you accidentally dropped your phone in the last week or month? If you answered once or rarely, then the Snap phone case is the way to go. Less bulk, less weight but still with basic protection you need to protect your phone. 


Yes, our Armoured cases are slightly thicker than our Snap cases, but that extra thickness gives you better protection 

We’ve created the Armoured case with all the goodies the Snap case has but with an extra TPU liner. What does this do? It offers an inside cushion to keep key areas of your phone from getting damaged during hard hitting impacts – think knocking your phone off the table, maybe bumping it against the wall or even hitting something with it. (We don’t recommed the last one, unless absolutely necessary.)  

It’s a double layer of protection in just one case! It’s also got the same glossy finish and open clean ports for access too. 

Is Armoured for you? 

Whether it’s the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone Pro Max you’re eyeing, it’s still going to cost a bundle. Don’t you want peace of mind knowing your investment lasts a tad longer? The Dairy Armoured case is ideal for those who love going the extra mile with protection and someone who leads a slightly more active, adventurous, lifestyle. You get the same gorgeous style as the Snap iPhone case but with more durability and added protection. You can’t go wrong with that.  

Figured out which phone case type you’re getting? If not, head to our Popular Phone Case Gallery to check out what others are getting! 

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