Nine Spotify Hacks You Need Right Now


Love Music? Chances are, you got Spotify pumping most hours of the day. For many, this AI music box is revolutionary and to think it does it all from the palm of your hands! 

Even if you consider yourself a Spotify aficionado, there’s likely some things on this genius app you didn’t know you could do. If you want to achieve master levels with your Spotify, here are some neat hacks to learn.  

1. Archive Your Discover Weekly Playlist 
If you live for the new music Spotify gives you each week and wish there was a way you can keep it around longer, you’ll love the idea of archiving your Discover Weekly playlist. To do this, first, sign up for an account on IFTTT  ("If This, Then That"). This neat service lets you create a custom command for various services and sites. Once you have an account, you can enable the archive option and enjoy the playlist for however long your little heart desires. 

2. Create a Playlist with Friends 
Road trip coming soon but can’t decide whose playlist deserves the honor of being played? Why not collaborate and make a playlist together with your travel buddies! Just right-click on the playlist on your Spotify iPhone app then pick out “Collaborative Playlist.” Share it with your partner, friends or anybody who wants to join in. They can add songs they like so everyone can enjoy the trip. 

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3. Add Seamless Crossfades to Playlists
Those awkward transitions between playlists annoying you? Create a seamless crossfade by going to Preferences, Advanced Settings and turn on the button for “Crossfade Songs.” 

4. Go Private with Your Song Choices
Don’t you hate it when Spotify tells your Facebook friends you’ve been on a Spice Girls binge for the past four hours? If you’d rather keep the sordid details of your Spice Girls infatuation, go on a private listening session instead. Hit the “Private Session” option using the drop down at the upper right corner. You’ll never get strange looks from your friends again. 

5. Turn Spotify into a Karaoke Machine
For times when you feel like crooning in your home, you can turn your Spotify into a karaoke. Simply download the SoundHound app, link to your Spotify account, queue the songs you want to sing along to and just follow the lyrics as they’re highlighted in orange.  

6. Learn a New Language
More than just a music app, you can actually learn on Spotify. You can learn a new language just by searching the keywords “Learn Language.” You can find audio courses in Spanish, French, Swedish, Russian and more on the site.  

7. Find Music Around the World
Want to hear what’s the latest track people are jamming to overseas? Check out the Charts section, find the country you’re interested in and it’ll give you the Top 50 songs by country. 

8. Impress a Date with Your Musical Taste
Give your potential date a peek of your musical taste by linking your Tinder profile to your Spotify. Do this by going to the Edit Info section of your Tinder app. Once there, you’ll have the option to pick out your “Anthem” and share some of your favorite musicians.  

9. Slash Premium Pricing with Student Rates
If you’re a student, you can slash 50% off your Spotify Premium subscription with student pricing. Of course, you have to be a legit student. The company uses a third-party service to vet anyone availing the discount. 

Enjoy your new-found Spotify prowess! 

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash