Celebrating Mother’s Day – 10 Amazing Personalised Gifts for Her

It’s Mother’s Day! We’ve pulled 10 amazing personalised gifts you can give to your favourite woman in the world – MUM! 

There’s nothing wrong with buying presents off the rack, but if you want to go the extra mile this year, give her something made especially for her. Here are 10 of our personalised gifts for her. 

1. The Garden Mum - Personalised Garden Tools

Grew up watching your mum tend to her garden every morning? Does she love flowers and everything green? Why not get here something she can use while doing something she loves? A personalised garden tool like a trowel and fork set emblazoned with your mum’s name on it makes for an extra meaningful (and useful!) present. 

2. The Luxury Lover - Soho Farmhouse Robe

For the mum’s who adore a bit of chic luxury into their lives, this trendy, personalised dressing gown is perfect! Made from the finest Italian textile, it’s made by Italian company, Frette. 

The robe comes in a choice of beige, grey and white. Add an extra fee and you can get your mum’s initials embroidered at the back. The robe makes for a special Mother’s Day Gift and something she can use over and over again. 

3. The Marmite Mother - Personalised Marmite Jar

Yes, not all mum’s will love this but if you’ve got a mother who slathers Marmite with her toast every day (and has a fantastic sense of humour), this might be the perfect present for her! 

This gift lets you personalise a jar of Marmite just for your mum. Treat her to a surprise breakfast in bed and give her this adorable personalised toast companion. She’ll love it!

4. The Jetsetting Mum – Leather Travel Wallet

Got a mom who’s never in the same place or country in a week? Get her this personalised travel wallet to accompany her on her travels. It’s beautifully made from recycled leather and comes in a range of colours. 

She can use it for her passport, travel documents, cards and a pen. The wallet comes with a stunning, premium feel so she’ll love carrying it around. Personalise it by adding her initials or first name. 

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5. The Chocolate Lover – Personalised Ferrero Rocher Box

Nothing says I love you than a box of chocolates! So if mum’s a chocoholic, this personalised box might be what you’re looking for. You can personalise the sleeve with your mum’s name too. This indulgent box comes with 42 yummy chocolates – something she can keep to herself or share with the rest of the family. 

6. The Romantic Mom - Two Dozen Red Roses

Flowers are timeless! You can buy these almost anywhere. You can even order them online and have them delivered to mum if you’re not there to personally give it to her. What’s great is you can personalise this by picking her favourite flowers or choose ones that showcase her favourite colour instead. 

7. For the Fashionista Mama – L’Alingi Rainbow Bag 

For the mother who loves everything sparkly and fashionable, this Eternity clutch is a must-have. The clutch is made from first-grade Swarovski crystals in different hues. This stands out against the beautiful deep satin body. Grab it today and head for a fantastic night out with mum on her special day. She’s worth it, don’t you think? 

8. The Scent Lover – Carine Roitfeld “George” Parfum

Carine Roitfeld’s latest collection of fragrances are inspired by fictional lovers. George is the punk rocker who loves to spend time with you listening to punk rock music. If you’ve got a mama who loves heady scents, or maybe a mama that was once a punk rocker herself, this lovely scent would make the perfect present for her. 

9. The Classic Mom – Personalised Card

Not all moms love fancy things, sometimes they prefer something simple yet truly heartfelt like a card filled with words coming from you. You can personalise this wonderful card to help her celebrate Mother’s Day. Of course, what’s important is the words you put in there to let her know just how truly special she is in your life. 

10. The Smartphone Lover – The Dairy CREATE a custom case

If you’ve got a momma who loves her smartphone or at least uses it all the time, you’re going to want to get her something to protect it. The Dairy’s CREATE A CASE lets you personalise the design of the case so it matches perfectly with mum’s taste. 

If you don’t feel like customising, you can also choose from hundreds of existing case designs, created by world-class illustrators and designers. Visit The Dairy’s Popular Section to get a taste of what The Dairy has in store for you. 

Remember, it’s mum’s day. Give her a big hug and treat her to something she will love. Make it truly special so she knows just how important she is in your life.