Best Stocking Fillers 2021

They say the best things come in small packages right? We have put together a list of our top 10 favourite gifts.  Discover the best stocking fillers this holiday season, spread the joy whilst also supporting small businesses this year.

1. The Dairy Phone Case

“Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like a brand new phone. Ps. And a unique and stunning phone case from The Dairy to protect it.” - Sincerely, Me. 

 We all know that most of us will be receiving a massive treat for Christmas, whether it is the new iPhone 13 or the Google Pixel 6, well, we got you covered, from checkerboard prints to abstract colourful swirls and custom cases for the creative stand out of the crowd types. This is the best stocking filler to accompany that big present under the tree.

2. The Dairy Clickit

The gift that keeps on giving… The Clickit Stand & Holder, offering a grip so you can text with one hand, snap a better photo, and stop those phone drops. It also functions as a convenient stand, in portrait and landscape modes. Just like those Popsockets but waaaaay better. Your new best friend on long commutes, sit back, relax, stand your phone up and watch your favourite netflix show hands free.

3. The Dairy Apple or Galaxy Watch Strap

What's small, square and you will find it in the toe of your stocking this year? A beautifully wrapped watch strap from The Dairy to accessorise your fabulous Apple and Galaxy Watch. Stylish from head to wrist with our Apple and Galaxy Watch bands. Discover art for your every day with designs from your favourite artists. Available for all watch sizes and in 4 hardware finishes: black, silver, gold and rose gold. Stand out from the crowd with The Dairy watch band, don’t let your smart watch be ordinary when you can make it AMAZING.

4. Typoflora Calendar

Never dread coming to the end of a month when the next page is another incredible piece of floral art by Typoflora. A calendar is the perfect gift for those couples who always end up double booking, stop being those people that cancel last minute or rush through the first dinner to get to the next by writing it down on this stunning calendar that will hang pride of place in your kitchen. No more disappointment, but instead cheer all round.

5. Typoflora Diary

Because everyone needs a place to write down their New Year Resolutions… More than just a planner, the Typoflora journals are a floral escape into your dream world, into your aspirations and a place to write down your goals for the year to come. Take them on an adventure and record your every day, find out more about yourself that you did not even realise was there. 

6. The London Candle Store

Be your own Muse with the trendsetting New York Candle Brand by Nomad Noe. These candles are a stunning addition to your hygge home, with their subtle but sublime aromatics that slowly creep around your home, filling the atmosphere and your nose with a fragrant delight. Pulling this out of your stocking on Christmas morning can only fill you with absolute joy, knowing your home is going to smell like heaven. 

7. Happy Socks

It is the number one rule that socks should be in everyone's stocking, it is an absolute MUST.  Right at the top of the stocking, the first thing you open, watch that grin spread over the face when you open up a pair of colourful, warm and cosy socks. For the ultimate funky socks, take a look at the trend setting Aussie brand, Happy Socks, it's in the name, they literally make you happy as soon as you slide those over your feet. These socks were made in collaboration with artist Andy Wahloo, “the Atlas Lion socks honor the region’s regal past and look into its bright future.”

8. Glossier Perfume

As Glossier put it, this perfume is, “the make-a-new-friend-fragrance loved by anyone within smelling-distance.” Simple and minimalist in design with a very cute and handy imprint for your thumb, a feature that makes it hard for you to drop when going crazy on the sprays. The scent is beautiful, without being overpowering, it's the perfect smell for all seasons, light and floral for the Summer whilst being spicy and warm for the Winter. It does not cost as much as most perfumes, so it makes a great little stocking filler.

9. Nomadic Arthouse Illustration

As a fan of The Dairy, you know that we love to support artists around the world. We love this independent London based artist, Nomadic Arthouse, creating illustrations of local and artisan shop fronts around her city, bringing those spaces to life with bold colours and intricate designs. For people who love getting lost in the hidden streets of London, these stunning printed illustrations make the perfect gift, frame them and hang the artwork on your walls. Whether you are a frequent tourist or a London dweller, Nomadic Arthouse illustrations will capture those memories and you can treasure those forever in a frame on your wall. 

10. The Dairy Laptop Sleeve

And finally we have our brand new Laptop & iPad Sleeves made with vegan leather, a perfect gift for those sustainably conscious buyers. Keep your laptop protected with bright colourful stunning artwork by one of our talented artists, or go for the The Dairy designs in Wavy Check. Never take the wrong laptop home again with this one of a kind designed laptop pouch. They vary in size, so will fit anything from your iPad Mini to your Macbook Pro 13”. Match your tech accessories with our popular and most loved artist designs this season. 

That's it from us, we hope you enjoy our top 10 Stocking filler tips for your last month of shopping for the holiday season. 

 Ho Ho Home for Christmas!