Best Office Last Minute Holiday Party Ideas

It’s been 2 years since the beloved holiday office party, a special event that brings all your colleagues together and celebrates the festive season. If you are after some festive ideas to spread cheer and show appreciation for your team we have a few ideas that will work for any budget and team size.  

 To help spread the festive cheer, we wanted to share our favourite Christmas office party ideas…

1. Wreath making workshop 

 The perfect festive treat for the smaller offices; get the team together and bring them to a wholesome, warming evening of decorating everyone's favourite front-door decor. Get your hands away from the keyboard and entwined inside vines, holly, twigs and eucalyptus, all wrapped up in sparkles and glitter. Sitting around a rustic table with the sounds of Christmas music, the smell of fresh holly, plus the spices from the steaming mulled wine heating up in the background. This is a joyful and pleasurable workshop for all the senses and as mentioned before, the perfect pre-christmas celebration with your colleagues. Cheers to that!

2. Ice Skating Under The City Lights 

 You will never feel closer to your colleague than when you’re saving them from falling flat on their face (or bum)! Jokes aside, there really isn’t a more special feeling than skating over the ice under the city lights, with Christmas carols filling the atmosphere, wrapped in scarves, hats and gloves, hand in hand with your favourite colleagues. Once the skating is over, glide over to the toasty bar to grab yourself a spicy eggnog, or a warming mulled beverage. A festive office party filled with childish fun, laughter and true Christmas joy. 

3. Mulled Wine in a Cosy Pub 

 Picture this… rustic wooden table topped with an autumnal coloured linen tablecloth and seasonal scented candles, eucalyptus and holly dot in between the candles and the various glasses and cutlery. Next to the table you have booked is a roaring red fire, the rumbles and smell of burning wood reminiscent of childhood winters. Now imagine this is your setting for your office christmas party, oh yes… proper pub grub and overflowing glasses, laughter echoing in the surrounding rooms, and a warming glow emanating from the fireplace. All this makes the wonderfully festive backdrop to your last office get together before the new year.

4. Karaoke 

“All I want for Christmas is…” karaoke! Perhaps the best ice breaker for the more introverted guests at the office party, because there is not one person who would not join in on the microphone to sing along with Mariah. Nothing spreads the Christmas spirit faster than a good sing-along, microphone in hand, arms in the air and party dresses swaying to the off-key melodies, whether it's ‘Last Christmas’ or ‘Baby, It's Cold Outside’, sing it loud and sing it proud. Ho ho ho… and again!

6. Supper Club 

For a more intimate and foodie occasion, there is nothing more enticing than an evening all about the food and being treated like world renown critics by the most hospitable chefs. With a candlelit setting and mistletoe hanging in every corner, wine glasses are never empty and the plates look like masterpieces.  This is one of our favourite ways to celebrate the festive season, especially fabulous for the smaller teams where conversation never runs dry and the taste buds never get tired. Joyeux Noel.

7. Christmas Mocktail & Cocktail Making 

Mix it up this year and join your colleagues in mastering the art of making the most delicious and sensational cocktails and mocktails. With a shot of festive fun, enjoy not only creating the drinks but also downing those drinks before dancing the night away.  Don’t forget the holiday charcuterie board to munch along the way.

Seasons greetings, from the small but mighty team at The Dairy