iOS 7 Review: What to expect. The Good, The Bad, The Downright "Woaah!"

Despite dear old Samsung creeping up behind Apple, everything this grand old Mac-daddy does still makes waves. The release of the iOS7 Beta versions is the most recent bomb Apple has dropped its fans.

What the fuss is about?

For non-Apple users, this might not be a big deal but for those who are fans of the brand and system, the release of an iOS 7 marks a fresh start. Since 2007, Apple hasn't budged and this is the first time (in a very long time) that they're showcasing something new at the core of their products.

It's not just the newness of the iOS 7 but also the fact that it radically looks different from the core Apple iOS that has gotten fans drooling and some cursing. Let's check out what the system has to offer so far. Keep in mind that it's still at Beta 3 so there's bound to be some loose ends.


"Open an App, Close an App"

One of the main changes that Apple took with iOS 7 is changing the way users interact with their apps and mobile devices. In previous systems, it was always quite simple; you open an application, close an application then you open another one.

For the new iOS 7, they've started introducing layers and transparency. This idea is a tad bit new to Apple but judging from the looks of things, it could be something they'll be fully delving into the future.

Apple has always been a company that sweats the small stuff. The cool transparency allows a faint view of the wallpaper underneath, which is admittedly pretty cool design if you ask me.

Redesigned Apps

Another key element that has changed in the iOS 7 is that most existing apps look and feel different than before. In fact, most of them were rebuilt from the ground up and look nowhere like their predecessors.

Siri is made much, much better. No, she won't dole out life lessons just yet but she's definitely much faster. For Safari, it also comes more improved. It features a navigation and search bar at top making it more convenient to use. This is crucial since iOS is still quite closed off to third party browsers.

There are still a few bugs about iOS 7. One prominent minor problem is the iOS lock screen. Gone is the huge visual slider where it says 'slide to unlock.' What you get instead is a tiny arrow pointing upwards. This little arrow doesn't unlock the system though but instead points you to a control center containing key settings. Nope, you cannot unlock it by going that way. You must still swipe the screen from left to right in order to unlock.

I know, I know, it is very minor and for those who have used an Android phone; it's probably just natural to figure it out. However, for Apple that has always provided (almost spoon-fed) users by making everything simple; this can get a bit tricky.

Overall, Apple has definitely sought to change the look and feel of the iOS. They've retained some of the key elements but are slowly introducing a whole new look to their flagship design. Some people welcome this change especially in an era where competition is tight and innovation is sparse. Of course, there are the naysayers who freak out at the thought that their beloved iOS is getting a makeover (no matter how minor or major.)

Regardless of where you stand, one thing's for sure, Apple is still in the game. They are a company who has always upheld design and innovation above all. Can they carry the same tune with the new iOS 7? Well, the Beta stages are looking promising although it's far from perfect. We'll need to wait and see how they handle things from here on out.

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