7 Simple Ways to Maximise your iPhone Storage

Got iPhone storage problems? You’re not the only one! With the amount of pictures we take each day that alone eats up the bulk of our usual 16 GB device. What’s an iPhone lover to do? AAHHHHHHH

Don’t fret. We’ve figured out 7 ways you can reclaim lost storage property and get on with your life.

1. Back Up Photos Automatically

Lets face it. You probably pull out your iPhone 5 for pictures more than you pull your toothbrush to clean your teeth. Not that it’s any of our business, but the photos you take hold up space. Precious space you might otherwise need right when you spot that cute Chihuahua in a pink tutu doing a lovely twirl in the corner. Here’s the solution. Open Dropbox and use the camera upload setting to automate the upload. Then once a week, go through your roll and delete the images. For bulk deleting head to the Moments section at the Photos application. Delete a bunch of images in a snap from there.

2. Delete iMessage Attachments and Threads

If you’re an SMS junkie, you probably have tons of friends you exchange weird, nonsensical stuff through iMessage with. The app stores everything. Everything! So delete threads by heading to the message and swiping left or you can back up the message first before taking them all out. This will free up some space for you.

3. Go Streaming! Stop Downloading!

Downloading media is another space-eater. When space is limited, stream your movie, your TV series, your music or your podcast instead. Services like Amazon Instant video, Spotify, and Netflix for instance are great sites for this.

4. Use Cache Cleaning Apps like PhoneClean

PhoneClean removes redundant files, various browser history, cookies and more from your phone. These take up space. Using the deep clean option means you can get rid of more stuff, but only use this if you really need to.

5. Don’t Download Apps, Go for the Mobile Version of the Site Instead

Save up space by using the mobile version of sites like Facebook or Twitter instead of downloading apps on your iPhone. Most of what’s inside are the same so you don’t really need apps at all. For existing apps you don’t use, then simply delete them.

6. Reduce Media Quality (for iTunes)

Music and media hoarders on their iPhones can take this advice at their discretion. Head to iTunes and look at the options section. You can cram in a few more tracks or videos by lowering the quality of the song or media you are downloading. You will hardly notice the difference.

7. Turn Off Photo Stream

Seeing the last 1,000 images you’ve taken or the ones you uploaded is neat and all, but it means your storage is 1GB less because of it. If you can do without it, then turn off Photo Stream.

There you go! Seven simple ways you can free up space on your valuable iPhone. Now go, do this and come back with more space on your device than you could imagine!

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Cam :)