How To Nurse Your iPhone To Health After Breaking the Screen

It happens even to the best of us. We accidentally swipe, drop, push or let go of our iPhones. Next thing we know, we’re picking up our phone with a thumping heart scared to look if we broke it or not.

Then we spot it!

A spidery crack gracing the screen where it once had been flawless.

It’s heartbreaking especially if you’re someone who prides himself or herself with being careful. But of course, it cannot be helped sometimes. It’s even more troubling if you don’t have AppleCare+ to take care of the problem.

However, there is a way to fix this!

Pull up your sleeves and put on your DIY caps. You can easily fix your iPhone screen yourself. Carefully read the how-to guide below and get to working!


  • You need a replacement iPhone screen as well as LCD Panel. You can buy each one separately or go for one that is fused together so you won’t have to worry. Keep in mind; you still need to spend about $100+ for the replacement. It’s a lot but much cheaper than getting a brand new iPhone altogether.
  • You need a suction cup.
  • You also need a case opening tool or a plastic spudger.
  • A screwdriver like the Phillips #00 is also necessary to open the case.
  • Also grab a pentalobe screwdriver.


This is where you’ll need some elbow grease.


If you look closely, there should be a metal covering right near the Touch ID cable. Use your spudger tool to lift the metal. DON’T LOSE THIS PIECE! You’ll need it later.




With a little patience, it’s possible to resuscitate your phone from the verge of death. Go ahead and give this a go. If you’re not the reading type, then you can watch the video below. Some of the steps might be slightly different but either way, you can follow the instructions as you go.

If you're not much of a DIY type of person, you can always hop into an Apple store to talk to them about their repair system

Or if you find this happening all too often why not try out our ARMOURED cases which have an additional rubber insert that helps protect the phone's screen when dropped. This is serious protection!!! 

Hope this info helped. :)