5 Jawdropping Future Smartphones You’d Love to Get Your Hands On

The iPhone might have that sleek, sexy body you’ve always wanted in a smartphone. But, have you thought about how awesome all these smartphones could look in the future?

Maybe you’ll have your own Tron-inspired mobile phone or maybe you’d like to simply wear your smartphone on your wrist? Well, well, some of these things might come true.

Let’s check out five stunning concepts a few brilliant minds have created.

iPhone PRO

What better way to start this little list than with the iPhone! All you wannabe iPhone professional photographers will drool over this one. The iPhone PRO concept design was created by Jinyoung Choi.

What did the designer do to make an already awesome smartphone into something even spectacular? He made it so you could attach a big-ass lens to the camera and turn it into a semi-professional camera! How wonderful is that?

With all the camera phones today fighting it out in megapixels, it’s only a matter of time before somebody turns the ordinary smartphone into a professional looking camera. And this right here, is the closest you’ll get right now.

It might look a bit cumbersome but it is pretty darn cool, yes? I see you mister photographer agreeing over there!


The Tron Phone

Okay, so maybe this is wishful thinking on our part but hey, Andrew D. Morgan thought it up and maybe someone out there might actually create it in the distant future.

Inspired by the Tron Legacy film, it has a beautiful black design with glowing thingy’s running across it. Maybe once they invent the grid in real life, we’ll finally see this come to life.


You can look forward to this baby in the next few years. Just look at it! That big screen and that unusual curved shaped is definitely a real stunner.

The wristwatch phone is packed with awesome features too. Expect to play HD videos, or simply watch Sherlock on a 3D screen. It’s said to contain 4G, a USB 3.0 and possibly anywhere between a 128 to 256GB.

Oh, expect to shell out more than $500 for this thing once it comes out too. I guess if you love being on the run (and have really deep pockets) then this will be a really cool smartphone to have.


iPhone Next G (The Hologram Phone)

Impossible? Hey, you’ll never know! The hologram phone (actually a projected phone) could work. Actually, there are devices using hologram keyboards today but no actual phone-projected-at-the-palm-of-your-hand actually exists! But you know, this could happen eventually. It’s pretty neat anyway.



This will be your new best friend. For real. No joke.

Built to make your smartphone a little more interactive, this is more than just a smiley face that greets you everyday. In fact, it is designed to interact with your emotions and flash facial-based icons depending on what you’re up to. It has various themes as well as an alarm clock function that’s truly revolutionary. Instead of vibrating or ringing like crazy, the phone instead rises up from its back (like a zombie!) The concept was created by Julius Tarng.

There you go! You might need to do some waiting before any of these come to life but no doubt, these are astounding pieces right?

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Cam :)