iPhone Secrets – 12 Nifty Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Your iPhone is way cooler than you think.
After spending days and nights fiddling with your iPhone, you’d think you know it pretty well. You would assume its given up all its secrets. Well, I bet it hasn’t.
Ever wonder what else Siri does apart from answering your questions in her usual snarky, albeit charming way? Do you know how to easily erase if you type a mistaken text?


Don’t fret if you don’t know. We’re here to give you 12 cool secret tricks your iPhone can do!

  1. Darn those chubby fingers! Next time you hit the wrong letter, rest assured there’s a quick way to delete or undo what you’ve typed. Just vigorously shake your iPhone a bit and a pop up window will prompt you if you want to undo what you typed.
  2. Hate having to tap the screen when taking a shot? Open up the camera app and hit the Volume Up or Volume Down button. It’ll snap your pretty picture in an instant.
  3. Siri can totally take new information. If you think Siri has mispronounced a word, let her know by saying “That’s not how you pronounce ____.” And she’ll ask you to reconfirm which one’s the right pronunciation. Who says you can’t teach this girl some new tricks?
  4. Keep that exposure and focus locked! Snapping a photo can be troublesome. The iPhone camera has this tendency to refocus and readjust exposure automatically. To kill that, just press the screen and hold it for a couple of seconds. Your phone will hold on to the settings for you until you get the shot.
  5. For some the iPhone screen might be a tad too small. Solve the problem of too many fingers on a tiny screen by creating your very own one-finger gestures! Customize them by going to Settings > General > Accessibility and turning on Assistive Touch. A black box with a white circle should appear. Hit this and various shortcuts should pop up as well. Then go to the Favorites icon, pinch, and you should have one-finger pinch to zoom. 
  6. Set the timer to automatically stop playing your music. Yes, if you need to catch some Zs for the night. You can set your timer ahead to turn off your music at a specific time. Pretty neat, huh?
  7. Keep those thieves away by installing a complicated passcode for your gadget. Not sure how to do this? Open settings>General>Passcode and turn off that option for “simple passcode.” This should allow you to get an entire QWERTY keyboard to create your new passcode. Go crazy! (Just make sure to remember it, of course.)
  8. The iPhone is perfect for the hearing impaired as well. The LED flash at the back of the phone can be used as a signal for notifications. It will simply light up whenever you get a new message or call.
  9. Need a way to get back to the top of a page after reading miles worth of text? Just tap the status bar and it should take you directly to the top of the page, no sweat. 
  10. For faster web browsing, drop the “www” and type the website name right away. This shaves off 5 seconds of time. 
  11. Send a whole lot of pictures via email without any problem. Apple used to have a limit on the number of images you can send via email on the iPhone. However, if you use the copy and paste method, you can easily attach a bunch of great photos without any problem. 
  12. Want to take a screenshot on your phone? Here’s a nifty thing to do. Hold down the HOME button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time. If done right, you should hear a camera shutter and voila! Instant screenshot!
Got any other nifty all kids of iPhone (including iPhone SE) tips and tricks you want to share? Place them below. I’d love to build up my knowledge on this.
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Cam :)