Selling Your Old iPhone: The Lowdown

Doesn’t it seem like Apple is coming out with a new techie gadget every couple of months? If you’re one of those who like to keep with the times then there might be a way you can get rid of your old iPhone, earn money, while grabbing that brand new iPhone model in the market. Wanna hear more about it?

Here are a few quick and dirty tips on how and where to sell your old Apple devices:

  1.  Apple Trade-In Program

Yes, you can head to Apple stores and ask to trade-in your old iPhone. An employee will be all nitpicky with it and determine how much value your phone costs. If you accept the quote, then they can credit you so you can choose your next device and just pay the difference.  

As of the moment, local Apple stores as well the Apple online website can accommodate this.

  1.  eBay

This means a bit of hard work for you but the payoff is good enough. If you’d rather receive cash than a replacement phone, then this is a good route to take. Used Apple 16GB iPhone 5s can easily go for $200 while brand new ones can be around $430. 

Things to keep in mind when going this route though is that eBay and Paypal do take a cut from the final price. Also, this will go to the highest bidder since eBay has taken out Insta Sell already.

  1.  Amazon Trade-In-Program

The biggest online retailer out there, Amazon, is also in on the trade-in bandwagon. They could give you a better price quote from Apple so they’re definitely worth checking out. Those looking to sell their iPhones have to fill out a form assessing their device’s health. 

Amazon will send you packing material so you can send in your phone. Once they receive it, they’ll check it out and credit you the money or give you an equivalent gift card.

  1.  Direct Sell Websites

Those who are sure about getting just cash for their phone can head to direct selling websites for their phone. It’s very straightforward and you get the amount credited to your Glyde account, which is convenient to transfer into the bank. 

Other sites like Craigslist/Gumtree also make it easy to find a buyer. However, there are plenty of spammers on the site so it’s advisable to take proper precautions if you’ll use it.

Those looking for more charitable ways of disposing their phones without caring too much about the amount can head to sites like The site pays for your phone and they’ll recycle it. 

See, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to disposing (and possibly gaining money) out of your iPhone devices. Just pick one and go for it!

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Cam :)