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The Dairy started in Australia back in 2012, based on the understanding that our phones contain so much of our personal stories, they've become an extension of ourselves. So we figured, they should express who we are just as much as the clothing we wear, the hairdo we're rocking or the tunes in our playlists.

From there, we flirted with (and seduced) talented illustrators, photographers and designers from around the Earthball to come up with a collection of cases that will tickle even the fussiest pickle.

Our Mission
Breakthrough the ranks of uniformity by adding a touch of personality to the phone in your hand.

Our Design
From up-and-coming artists through to the great masters – our phone case collection is as elaborate and as vibrant as the outfits of Mardi Gras (and the cases are just as small). Express your individual style with the case that speaks to you. Alternatively, put on your creative hat and get designing yourself. We can custom print a phone case of your own design, photographs or artworks.

Our Quality
Our phone cases are uniquely manufactured using the most sophisticated, patented, sublimation, specialised extremification printing technology – so the designs will not fade, rub or scratch off. Even in a zombie apocalypse. But we don't just want your phone to look awesome – we want it to be safe too. That's why we use polycarbonate cases and even offer an 'ARMOURED' version.

Our Service
Our reputation has been built on our exceptional customer service. We're super friendly and happy to help in whatever way we can. Go on – try us.

Hit us up at hello@thedairy.com and let us know what you think. Whether you have an idea or want to say nice things (we love nice things), drop us a message! We can't wait to chat.

Cam :)

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