Hills Cable Wrap
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This cable wrap was designed to be your trusty new sidekick so let it do just that and help manage your messy cables, big and small. Meet the Hills Cable Wrap, perfect for those on the move to keep your cables managed. From headphones and phone chargers to bulkier Macbook chargers, the Cable Wrap will keep them all... underwraps.

The 'Hills' was designed by Aboriginal artist Ryhia Dank, a true celebration of indigenous storytelling and delightfully captivating artwork, representing the hills of Ryhia's home.

Our cord wrap also features an elastic band, so it's always safe and attached to the cable, never to be lost. Add a touch of personality to your tech with our biodegradable vegan paper leather accessories. Read more about our paper leather here.

Size is 30mm x 100mm and works to keep both USB-C lightning MacBook cables and iPhone cable detangled and ready to go at a moment's notice. 


Not to brag but pretty sure we work with some of the best artists around (just sayin').


Made using the most sophisticated sublimation technology, because we're quite fancy like that.