Paper Leather

Our new paper leather material was created to replace materials like faux (PU) leather as we continue to develop and strive for more sustainable business strategies and eco-friendly materials. This material is not only lightweight and water resistant, but it also has antibacterial properties, making it the perfect substitute for traditional animal and plastic-coated, synthetic leathers. 

Our new vegan sustainable paper leather is made from plant-based paper and combined with a cotton fabric which results in this material being fully biodegradable in soil once discarded (without hardware). 

There has been a large movement towards using ‘vegan leather’ which removes the use of traditional animal skins, however these materials contain plastics and have long lasting impacts on the environment. Working to launch more sustainable products is one small part of a much bigger sustainability goal. We focus on everything from our manufacturing process to shipping to the people we work with. 

This paper leather material we are utilising has been certified by Intertek and produced using wood from sustainable forests which have been FSC accredited.

About Our Sustainable Paper Leather Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Straps

The Galaxy Watch 3 strap attaches to your device with quality engineered lugs. The texture finish and brilliant coloured straps comfortably adjust to fit your wrist. 

• Printable paper leather material
• Hand-stitched
• Fits Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm/ 45mm) 
• Quick Release spring bars 

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