Brigitte May’s Magical Menagerie

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Ever wanted to fly away into dreamland?

Let Brigitte’s animals and lovely girls take you! 

One look at her work and lands where sharks are hauled in the air by flying manta rays; foxes gaze down from galaxy balloons; and beautiful maidens with soft tendrils balance cute fawns on their heads are suddenly reality. 

A freelance fashion designer and illustrator, her distinctive work is soft, whimsical and absolutely captivating.

And the lovely lady’s got a heart of gold too!

She was kind enough to share her whimsical mind by decorating our phone cases with the prettiest animals around. From elephants, foxes, zebras and even down to ‘Bambi,’ we’ve got ‘em all!

To get to know the lady behind these beauties, here’s a quick chat we had with Brigitte. You’ll find she’s equally charming as her creations.

How did you become interested in art?
I'd never really practised art until I began my Fashion degree at the Whitehouse in 2011. I needed a way to communicate my designs so that they'd look beautiful as an idea rather than just a product. I instantly fell in love with the whole process.

What was your first piece of paid work? 
Gosh, I think it was when Mum asked me to deck out an apartment with my art. I thought it was a crazy notion back then that I could be paid to paint. Ridiculously great. 

Describe your style in three words.
Whimsical, soft, natural

Do you have favourite colours or themes you like to work with?
I love combining pastels with earthy colours, to give them a bit of depth. And for themes, I find it hard to stray from animals. Forest dwellers, ocean creatures, domestic pets- I just love them all! 

What's the coolest place you've seen your work?
The coolest place would have to be my most recent work with the fashion label, Aje. They're my favourite brand of clothing, so to see my illustrations appear on their beautiful creations and be able to wear them myself is so so exciting. Everyone on their design team are such a joy to work with. It really feels like your making magic when you step into the office.

Do you have any favourite pieces from your collaboration with The Dairy? If so, why? 
My favourite would probably be the Fox (Far, Far Away I). He was the guy who started my whole series, and can actually be attributed to my art career. At the beginning of last year, I'd intended to go on and study my Masters Degree in Fine Art. But having posted a picture of this piece, I got an influx of orders. They just kept coming and coming. After a couple of weeks I thought "Hey, you could just do this for a living". So I did! 

What was the inspiration behind the 'Far, Far Away' collection?
I started painting the fox for my best friend's baby shower. Initially he was just going to be jumping, as per a photo I was painting from. But he seemed to look like he was being held up from something, so I added the balloon, and then the galaxies (because I'd been painting them earlier that day), and then as he was a present, I popped a tag on the balloon. I didn't know the baby-to-be's name, so I jotted down the place I'd be choosing to go, if floating up to the sky in a galaxy-filled balloon! I bet that all makes zero sense, but that's how it came about.

Don’t you love her? Because we totally do!

If you want to know more about Brigitte and her magical menagerie, here’s where you can find her:

Official Website





And of course her beautiful collection here. ;)

Cam :)

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