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Paula Mills Feeling Light

Paula Mills

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Artist Paula Mills from Sweet William is known for her whimsical, colourful creations. So we almost got our undies in a bunch when we found out she was creating her own collection here at The Dairy! And true enough, she‰۪s created phone cases meant for the cheerful, colour-obsessed you! Don‰۪t miss it. We‰۪re stuffing several in our pockets too.


There are two types of people in this world.

Clumsy and not so clumsy.

Our armoured cases are built for those who like to tough it out. It has two layers for extra durability and protection. They're virtually indestructible. The added liner cushions your phone against impact. 

Our snap are easy to slide into a pocket or handbag. It’s slim, lightweight and chic, designed with function in mind. 

All our cases have a gloss finish and high quality print that won't fade or rub off.

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Our reputation has been built on our exceptional customer service. We're super friendly and happy to help however we can.


From up-and-coming artists through to the great masters. Our phone case collections are as elaborate and vibrant as you.


Our cases are manufactured using the most sophisticated technology meaning the designs will not fade, rub or scratch off.

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