Leather Tablet & Laptop Sleeve

Available in 3 sizes

Large for 12.9 inch
(Apple, Samsung, and most Tablets up to 12.9” screen size)
Apple Laptops up to 13inch

Medium Tablets for 11 inch
(Apple, Samsung and most Tablets up to 11” screen size)

Small for tablets for 7.9 inch
(Apple, Samsung, and most Tablets up to 7.9” screen size)

We are pleased to introduce our new paper leather material to replace faux & real leather as part of our eco-friendly materials. This new leather alternative is not only lightweight but is water-resistant and also has antibacterial properties which make it the perfect substitute for traditional animal and plastic-coated, synthetic leathers. 

All the products using our paper leather have been certified by Intertek.

Made from plant-based paper, this leather is created by combining this with cotton fabric. These materials result in this material fully biodegrading with soil once discarded.

It is made from plant-based polymers produced to replace all fossil fuel polymers. This paper leather material is produced using wood from sustainable forests and has been FSC accredited.

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