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The iPhone 8 is Coming! What's on the Rumour Mill?

Posted by Cameron Parker on

Only months after the iPhone 7 was released and there are rumours about iPhone 8 already. It's really no surprise, rumors of the next iPhone have become a staple – anyone from the common Joe to The Wall Street Journal – have jumped into guessing what Apple would and wouldn't include on their next phone.

We've compiled some of the biggest rumours we've heard. Some of them are awesome, some are meh, so until we see the actual thing next year, let's feast on this!

Wireless Everything!

Let's face it, with the introduction of the AirPods, we kind of got the hint that Apple wants to do away with the wires. (And we have no problem with that!) They're goal is likely to have all their devices connect wirelessly so having wireless charging isn't farfetched. Sources, including Bloomberg, have it that Apple is testing new wireless tech that will allow the iPhone not just to be placed on a wireless charging pad but to be charged even from far away. Now that's exciting! 

Bye Bye Home Button

They've started with the 7. Well, the Home Hutton (which doesn't feel like a home button) still exists but for the iPhone 8, Apple is rumoured to do away with the Home button for good. This should be in a bid to increase screen property. Sure, there might be a "virtual button" on there including a better fingerprint-scanning tech. Speaking of scanning…

Face and Eye Scanning Too?

This is so exciting! You know, we're catching up to science fiction and this whole face and eye-scanning tech could be on the next iPhone as well. A Chinese chip manufacturer has suggested Apple could integrate iris-scanning technology to help with the security of the iPhone including Apple Pay. You can pay or do stuff on your phone just by looking at the camera. Aside from that, Apple has also taken several companies specializing in facial recognition so that could be integrated as well.

Better Screen with Popping Images

Although OLED screens are a staple in most Android phones, Apple has been late in adopting it and still use the LCD screen. They could finally move forward with the OLED on the iPhone 8. They already have fantastic screens with their current iPhones, think of the possibilities they could do if they adopt OLED.

All Glass Body with Curved Screens

Again, this whole curved screen thing has been done by Android phones but of course, when Apple does it, expect for it to actually make sense. The iPhone 8 could have the same curved screens shown in the (defunct) Samsung Note 7. But, one thing they could add is an all-glass construction (front and back) with a simple metal frame. The all glass is something we've seen before on the iPhone 4. We think Apple is re-adopting that for a more sleeker look and because of the popularity of the jet black model of the 7.

There you have it! Now, these are only rumours. Whether they actually come true or not remains to be seen next September 2017.

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