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iOS 10 - Top 10 Things We Can't Wait to Try Out

Posted by Cameron Parker on

Are you itching to switch to the new iOS 10? We know we are. And even though we're excited to get it with the equally amazing iPhone 7, it's also available for download on previous iPhone models and Apple devices.

However, first things first, who can update to iOS 10?

Even though older phone models like the iPhone 5 or 5C are compatible with the new iOS, we still suggest you don't update just yet. It's so new that there's really not that many people who have tried updating their older devices to this just yet. There have been issues with the phones freezing up after the update so we suggest waiting and seeing. 

If you have an iPhone 6 or newer phone, then yes, by all means go ahead and update.

Those in the United States with the T-Mobile plan, you might want to wait around for a bit. T-Mobile issued a warning about this so just wait for further announcements from your courier before moving on.

Why Update to iOS 10?

Is it even worth it? Well, we could think of 10 reasons why you should consider doing the iOS 10 update.

If you're wondering what it can do for you, make sure to read through this article. You and your iPhone will be much happier in the end.

1. You can now delete stock apps.

Apple may not recommend this particular feature but it's a welcome site for long time iPhone and Apple fans. The iOS 10 lets you delete all those existing default apps that you don't have much use for including Stocks, Apple Music or even Apple Watch among others. All you need to do is long press on the stock app you don't use or want, then hit the little "X" button to delete. It's that simple! If you want them back, you can just download from the App Store.

2. Using Split View in Safari (iPad Only)

Oh yes, you can now use a split screen in Safari for all of you Internet lovers out there on your iPad. It's a bummer this isn't available on the iPhone 6 or 7 but you know what, it's still an iOS 10 upgrade worth checking out.

3. Insert Automatic Emojis in Messages

Oh, how did we ever live without emojis in our lives? The new update lets you automatically insert emojis in place of certain keywords. What it does is automatically highlight the keyword, then you can simply tap that to change it to the corresponding emoji icon.

4. New and Improved iMessage

Speaking of messages, the iMessage is getting another touchup in this update. Apple knows that people love their Whatsapp and they've included new features like drawing tools, animation effects etc. within iMessage. You can also long press on the send button to use various bubble effects. Plus, you can also do a Tapback. Simply double tap on a message and it'll get a thumbs up from you, letting your friends know that you've read it. No need for insane notifications. 

5. Pin Your Car

Not everyone will need this but hey, it's a nice and fun little feature especially for those who can't always remember where they parked their car. The iOS 10 automatically pins your location when you stop driving so in case you lost your spot in the parking lot inside those big box shopping malls, you can always find your car again.

6. Unlocking Your Phone a Whole New Way

Some users might get upset with this but it's really a more convenient way of using your phone. Back then, Apple used a standard "swipe to the left" to unlock their iPhones and devices but they've since ditched it because the Touch ID is so much faster and responsive. So, what they did is you now have to click the home button to wake the device and then use the Touch ID or place your passlock code. If you swipe left, this will bring up your camera instead. A swipe to the right will bring up your widgets screen.

7. Searching Photos Made Easier 

This one will be a real pleasure for iPhone photographers. The new iOS now lets you search through your images not just using the title but it actually goes through your photos and looks for the keyword items. Say, you want a photo with a chair. Just type in chair and with such sophisticated machine techniques, it automatically looks through each photo and comes up with several images that might contain a chair, then just pick the one you need. 

8. The Raise to Wake Function

If you need to look through notifications, the new iOS now lets you view them without even pushing any buttons. All you have to do is set the "Raise to Wake" function by going to Settings > Display & Brightness. When you lift your phone, the screen automatically comes to life letting you see all your notifications. It's a neat feature to check out.

9. Adjusting the Intensity of the Torch App

Those who love using their torch app can now adjust the intensity of the app so it doesn't blind you when you use it. You can adjust it using the 3D Touch picking between Low, Medium or Bright Light.

10. Share Your Notes

Yep, editing or writing something that you want to share with your friend? You can now easily share your notes using the Share button on the Notes app. You can find it on the upper right portion. Simply click on that and start adding people.


You can Clear ALL Notifications at Once!

Although this option is only available for devices with 3D Touch, this iOS 10 feature will let you get rid of all your notifications in just a click. Just swipe down to view your notifications, then force press the "X" button found on the upper right. This will open the "Clear All Notifications" option.

There you have it!

The iOS 10 is a fantastic new update worth your while. All of these are embedded in the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus too so you can enjoy them ASAP when you grab the unit.

Speaking of the iPhone 7, The Dairy is now offering iPhone 7 cases in the store! Yay! You can now pick a unique case or customize one of your own for your brand new iPhone 7 or any iPhone unit you have.

What are you waiting for? Hop over to the shop and enjoy!

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