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7 Must-Have iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Accessories for Your Car

Posted by Cameron Parker on

7 Must-Have iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Accessories for Your Car

Who wants a cool iPhone 6/6 Plus gadget for their cars?
Sure, there are hundreds of them out there. And it's easy to get overwhelmed but don't be, we'll totally help you out. We've compiled 9 of our most favourite car gadgets. We love each one of these and we're almost sure you'll love them as well.
Let's get to the line-up, shall we?

1. Belkin Car Vent Mount

Price: US$25 / AU$30 

Sure, it's pricier than its no-name cousins but with Belkin, you get great quality for a reasonable price. I know, that sounds like a cheesy ad right there. But it's all parts true! This Belkin mount is portable and can swivel vertically or horizontally. Perfect for that eye-on-the-road-please phone conversations. It can be used with most smartphones but especially designed to fit an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus (the latter should have a slim case or none to fit). The Belkin has adjustable brackets and provides a good, steady grip even if you go through bumpy roads. We love this and we think you will too.

2. iOttie RapidVolt Dual Port USB Charger

Price: Now at US$12 / AU$23

The iOttie delivers when it comes to design and amazing function. Plug it into your car and charge your tablet or iPhone. It comes with two USB ports. This is a fast charger so you don't have to worry about hooking up for a long time. Also, the cool green band you see is an LED ring that lets you know the charger is working. Downside is that you have to use your own cable. But then you already probably have that lying around somewhere. 

3. Scosche MagicMount

Price: US$ 11 

What we love about this Magicmount is it's so small and portable you'll hardly notice it's even there! Secure this on your dashboard or pretty much anywhere convenient inside your car. Just slip the magnetic plate into the back of your phone case and place your iPhone on the mount and watch it stick. It's like magic! Hands-free use in seconds. Oh, and did we mention this is super cheap too? 

4. Belkin Bluetooth Car Kit

Price: around US$50

We wish it was cheaper but this Belkin Bluetooth Kit should be worth the investment. Plug this into your car output and enjoy hands-free phone calls and car sing-a-longs. 

5. Incipio Dual Charger


Price: US$ 35

You can buy a ton of similar chargers out there but we love this Incipio charger for one reason, it has a built in Lightning cable! All you have to do is plug it into your car and hook up your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and you should be good to go. It uses a 2.4A for the cable so you can use it for tablets too. But the USB slot is only 1A so use those for iPhones only. 

6. Jabra Freeway

Price: Around US$ 60 

Sleek and chic, the Jabra Freeway clips onto your visor and gives you all the music and hands-free phone calls you can handle. This one has a very business chic look to it that we simply can't resist. 

7. Cobra Electronics iRAD 900

Price: Around $130 

Perfect for anyone that has a need for speed, this little device can detect radar and laser guns that are currently in use. You do need to tweak and train it first so it doesn’t set false alarms. Eventually, it will remember your inputs and be useful. The device works in conjunction with an app for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. There's also an Android version.
Bonus: iClever Himbox HB01
FM lovers unite! If you love listening to FM radio while driving, we suggest you get your hands on this one. Insert it into your Aux-In port and it should give you amazing sound quality and an even better microphone. Mount this on your dash and vehicle's power source and it should work like a peach. It can connect two devices at once (perfect for carpool with the bro/sis/or partner!) It can also be used together with any USB power source.
Price: Around USD$ 30

Hope you found these gadgets useful!
Before you skedaddle, we've added a few more collections at the shop. So while you're on a car gadget-shopping spree, drop in a new artsy phone case for yourself as well.
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Cam :)


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