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10 Secret Tips and Tricks We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

Posted by Cameron Parker on

Been fiddling with your iPhone 6 or 6 PLUS for some time now? Even if you fancy yourself an expert already, we bet there’s tons more tricks you could still learn.

We’ve gathered 10 cool ones you can use. Which one of these do you know?

1. Reply to Text Messages Without Unlocking Your iPhone
Everything is interactive on your screen now so logging out of an app or unlocking your iPhone to answer a message is a thing of the past. 

2. Check Which Apps Suck Out Your Precious Battery Life
Do this by heading to General – Usage – Battery Usage. You can find a list of the culprits while there and do something about it if you like.
3. Create Self-Destructing Pictures!
Like SnapChat, your iPhone 6 can send photos that automatically disappear after a certain time! Just long press the camera button from iMessage, and any picture taken and sent using this will be gone after awhile. It’s like Mission Impossible!
4. Go Classy in Black and Grey
Hate colour? Turn on Greyscale mode by going to Settings >General> Accessability> Greyscale. It’s not going to save your batteries but it’s pretty cool.
5. Mute Notifications (from a specific person)
Switch the “Do Not Disturb” button and you won’t get notifications at all. Perfect if you don’t want to be bothered for a good amount of time.
6. Keep All ‘Secret’ Photos…Secret!
All those ‘special’ photos can be tucked and hidden away by long-pressing on the image and clicking on the option to hide. You can still find them in the Albums but they won’t show up in Collections, Years or Moments.
7. Scan Your Credit Card Using the Camera
Ordering something online through safari but want the checkout to be snappy? Simply scan your credit card using the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus camera. There should be an option that’ll appear right above the keyboard.
8. Salvage a “Deleted” Photo
Resurrect your old photos after you’ve deleted them by checking for them inside the ‘recently deleted’ album. As long as it’s still within 30 days, you should find it there.
9. Tell Your Friends Where You Are – ALL THE TIME!
Share your exact location in a message one time or share it constantly and indefinitely to a particular person. Just head to the ‘Details’ menu and find the options there.
10. Charge Faster Using an iPad Charger
Yes, you can totally do this without ruining your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus batteries. Both new smartphones ship with a 1A supply while an iPad ships with a 2.1A supply. When you use the iPad charger, you can approximately charge your iPhone in about 2 hours or so only. 

How many of these tricks do you know? Got any tips for us too? Share it at the comments section below!

Cam :)


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