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Fruit Loops

There's nothing like yummy and colorful Fruit Loops for breakfast! Now, you can get the same blast of color by adorning your favorite gadget with your favorite food, fruit loops, of course! Fun fact, if you ever wondered what that bird's name is in the commercials before, it's Toucan Sam. You're welcome. Now, you can sleep much better.

Protective phone case.

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We've been getting a lot questions about our range, so here's a quick rundown of our entire range of cases and what makes ours better than anything else on the market!

Each one of our phone cases is not just for show, it's actually designed to protect your phone! Thanks to our special printing method, you can expect several benefits:

  1. The design is permanently embedded into the durable polycarbonate plastic case. This is not a sticker.
  2. Our 3D sublimation printing process ensures full coverage (front & sides) of the case with your chosen artwork giving you great amounts of detail.
  3. You get highest resolution and detailed printing reproduction. No dodgy pixilation here.
  4. Striking glossy finish and highly vibrant colors.
  5. Will last for ages, NO fading, peeling or rubbing off!
  • Standard Range

  • Armoured Range

    Expect nothing but strong and sturdy protection if you go for our Armoured Range. Made from hard polycarbonate plastic, it also comes with a rubber insert to keep your gadget all nice and cozy. The rubber wraps all around the iPhone screen which is great for keeping your screen protected against those bumps and drops.

  • Kicker Range

    It's the little conveniences that often complete your day. With our cool Kicker range, you can easily prop up your phone on top of your desk as you watch a movie or if you simply want to get a good view of the screen. Simply slide up and down if you want to use the kickstand.